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130217 Gemma Compton and Stephen Marr Engagment090217 Elaine Hall and Andy Colville Engagement Shoot High260217 Miss Kimberley Willis & Daniel Collings Engagement FinalMiss Hannah Garnett & Stuart Newman EngagementAlex Burr and Scott Mckie Engagement Shoot050217 Joide Malcolm & Michael Whitley Engagement ShootKylie Wrightson and Steve Maguire Wedding Engagement ShootMiss Louise Harland and Laurence Hutchinson Engagement ShootLauren Amerigo and Paul Skipper Wedding Engagement Shoot100417 Elizabeth Oshea and Callum Engagement Shoot060317 Karthryn Ward and Martyn Stoke080317 Matt and Rebecca Engagement Shoot140416 Chantel Noel & Philip Morris Engagement Shoot High220418 Coral Fullerton and Dan Thompson Engagment100417 Tiffany Macgregor Engagement Shoot080317 Vitoria Ray and James Toothill Engagment High080517 Krystal White and Michael Stewart Engagment Le Petit Chateu210517 Olivia Cameron and Luke Engagment Shoot080517 Krystal White and Michael Stewart Engagment Le Petit Chateu RE Edit030617 Roxanne Dawn Johnson & Simon Peter Atkinson High200517 Charlotte Hoggarth and Carl Goulden Engagement Shoot300517 Adam Barnes Engagement Shoot Preston Park High020717 Jonny Craigs & Kate Herron Engagement Shoot250617 Gemma Watson Engagement Shoot240717 Gemma Holt Engagment060817 Joanne Dickinson Engagement Shoot High070817 Jocelyn Peace Engagement Shoot High310717 Clare Heron Engagement Shoot High030917 Zoe Saunders and Thomas Goodchild030917Tim Blackburn andf Katie Brown High110917 Jade Mitchell & Michael Carpenter Engagement Shoot211017 Joanne Fisher Engagement Shoot High Final191117 Lauren Nilsson and Gareth Moon Engagement191117 Karen Mein and Joanne Bradshaw Engagement191117 Becky Lowther & David Potter Engagement171217 Natassia Harris & Adam Graham Engagement Shoot041212 Rachel Bradley and Nicholas Carr Engagement060118 Daniel Thompson and Gaynor Howie Engagment140118 Ashleigh Warne and Michael Hilden Engagement130118 Holly Robertson Dean Standish Engagement